CRE Tech Firm RetailMatch Expands Analytic Services to 15 Markets now identifies and scores deals for retail landlords, businesses and agents in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Jacksonville, and 10 other U.S. MSAs

Los Angeles, CA., the matchmaker that identifies vacant retail spaces—and scores them based on the business, location, demographics, and competition—for expanding retailers and restauranteurs has increased their coverage area to represent landlords, agents and tenants in fifteen of the country’s top MSAs.

RetailMatch uses over 20 different data sources and 200 variables to identify and vet vacant spaces, scoring against demographics, lifestyle attributes, labor, traffic, and more, optimizing the score with gap and void analyses. Previously only available in southern California and Nevada, RetailMatch is now matching in the following MSAs: Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Houston TX, Indianapolis IN, Jacksonville FL, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, Phoenix AZ, Portland OR, San Diego CA, St. Louis MO, San Francisco CA, and Washington D.C.

Andrew Tavakoli, Founder and CEO of RetailMatch says: “Over my three decades in commercial real estate, I’ve seen countless shopping centers fail because they don’t draw the right businesses, or even the right combination of tenants in that center. Algorithms have been bringing couples together for decades—so why weren’t they matching tenants to landlords?”

RetailMatch enhances and supports CRE brokers, allowing them to show fewer spaces and close more deals by presenting scientifically-selected matches to their clients.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, RetailMatch was launched in response to demand for customers wanting to find the perfect location for their retail business, and plans to continue to roll out expansion nationwide over the next 12 months. RetailMatch increases the likelihood of retail success, helping commercial real estate landlords and retail businesses. Their complex algorithms crunch billions of data relationships against available market vacancies to remove the guesswork of identifying ideal retail or restaurant locations.

For more information contact: Monique Romano, Director of Customer Success (310) 385-2100

About RetailMatch
RetailMatch is a retail success analytics firm based in Los Angeles, CA and founded by Andrew Tavakoli, CEO in 2015 to help retailers identify ideal spots for expansion. Utilizing more than 20 different data sources, continues to evaluate and incorporate additional relevant sources. Their demographic data, provided by Experian, is updated quarterly and consists of more than 200 variables, including age, income, population, ethnicity, education, marital status, and lifestyle attributes, while their complex algorithms use advanced classification and clustering methods, including but not limited to regression with shrinkage, ensemble methods, Bayesian variable selection, and conditional random fields.

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