New Rules

The New Rules of Retail Brokerage

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Landlord Agents

Keeping your listings means quickly finding and securing sustainable tenants. 

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Tenant Agents

Gone are the days of simple vacancy searches. Advising top tier tenants today means crunching huge volumes of data, touring endlessly – and still tenants are slow to decide.

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Our Algorithms Remove the Guesswork

Evaluating billions of data relationships, our complex algorithms analyze all currently-seeking tenants, as well as all available vacancies, against 1,000s of success factors. Each potential fit receives a unique RM Score.

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Cutting-Edge Encryption Keeps Your Data Secure & Confidential

Our highly secure infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to protect you, and your client's, privacy and confidentiality. No lease information is ever shared and we continuously monitor site access and proactively monitor site usage to prevent any anomalies.

The Results

The Result: RetailMatch

The ideal tenant or space for your client – the one that will keep them coming back to you year after year.

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Our algorithms analyze billions of data points including demographics, traffic patterns, economic factors, and more.


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